English Compulsory (B.Sc.)

Max. marks : 50

Time 2 hours


Syllabus & Course of Reading:

A selection of English Prose.

Complied and edited by: Nosheen Khan, G.S. Qureshi

Topics Included:

1. The Damned Human Race (By Mark Twain)

2. The last lesson (By Alphonse Daudet)

3. Bromides and Sulphites (By Gelet Burgess)

4. How to Live to be 200 (by Stephen Leacock)

5. The Place of Science in a Liberal Education (by Bertrand Russel)

6. On a Common Cold (by Osbert Sitwell)

7. The secret Life of Walter Mitty (by james Thurber)

8. Emotional Meanings (by Robert H. Thousless)

9. Where Do bright Ideas Come From? (by Lancelot Whyte)

10. The Open Window

Division of Marks

Part-I (Text)

1. A selection of English Prose 20

Three separate short questions of equal weightage

(An answer should be limited to 200 words)


Part-II (Grammar and Composition) 30


2. Comprehension with Precise Writing 15

3. Report writing 10

4. Use of Preposition 5




Max. marks : 50

Time 2 hours

Syllabus & Course of Reading:

A selection of English Prose.

Complied and edited by: Nosheen Khan, G.S. Qureshi

Topics Included:

1. Right and Wrong (by C.S. Lewis)

2. End of The Road (by Muhammad Asad)

3. How the Poor Die (by George Orwell)

4. The Lost Childhood (by Graham Greene)

5. The Gray Beginning (by Rachel L. Carson)

6. Nature of Science (by Ralph Ross & Ernest Van Den Hang)

7. August 2026, There will Come Soft Rains (by Ray Bradbury)

8. In May Day (by Russell Baker)

9. The Marval of an Insect (by Alan Devoe)

10. TV Addiction (By Marie Winn)


Division of Marks

Part-I (Text) 20

A selection of English Prose

Two questions carrying 10 marks each.

(The answer should not exceed 250 words)

Part-II (Grammar and Composition) 30

2. Essay (one out of five topics) (150 to 200 words) 15

3. Translation of continuous passage from Urdu to English 10

4. Correction of errors (5 out of 7) 5



English Compulsory (B.A.)

Max. Marks: 100

PAPER-I (For 3rd Year)



1. A Selection of short stories and One-Act-Plays

2. New Anthology of English Verse

(Edited by Kaneez Aslam, Shoaib Bin Rassan)

2) Division Of Marks

Part-I (Text) 60 Marks

1. Reference to the context from Poetry and Plays 3 out of5 5+5+5=15

2. Short Stories (In two parts from different stories) 7 +7 = 15

3. Plays (In two parts from different plays) 7 +7 = 15

4. Poetry (In two parts from different poems) 7 +7 = 15

Part-II (Grammar & Composition) Marks: 40

I. Idioms and phrasal Verbs 10

2 Direct and indirect narration 10

3. Letter and Application. 10

4. Translation of a continuous passage from Urdu into English 10

PAPER-II (For 4th Year)

Max Marks 100


II- A selection of Modern English Essays

(Compiled and Edited by Prof Sajjad Sheikh)

III- The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

2- Division Of Marks:

3- Part-I (Text) 40 marks

1. A Selection of Modern Essays (In two parts from different essays) 10+10=20

2. The Old Man and the Sea (Two critical questions) 10+10=20

Part 2(Grammar & Composition) 60 marks


3. Essay (One out of five topics) with Out line 5+20=25

(about 300 400 words) (one argumentative, one reflective,

one descriptive, one on current affairs, one on scientific topic/narrative)

4. Comprehension and Precis writing 25


Precis writing 15 (the answer should not exceed 50 words)

Title 2

Comprehension 8 (4 marks for one creative/original question)

(2+2 marks for comprehension questions)


5. Correction of errors.(any 10 out of 13) 10





PAPER-I (For 3rd Year)

Syllabus and course of reading Total Marks: 100

1. A Selection of Short Stories. Derek Hudson (40)

a) The Kite Somerset Maugham

b) The little Willow Frances Towers

c) The Voice V.S. Pritchett

d) The Women who had Imagination H.E. Bates

e) Maria Elizabeth Gowen

f) The Basement Room Graham Greene

g) Local Boy makes Good John Moore

h) On Guard Evelyn Waugh

i) A Dream of Winter Rosamond Lehman

j) The Duchess and the Jeweller Virginia Woolf

2. Selected Short Plays Prof. Ghulam Sarwar Qureshi Dr. Nousheen Khan (40)

a) Riders to the Sea J.M Synge

b) Time's Visitors F.Sladien Smith

c) A Parting Gordon Bottomely

d) The End of the Beginning Sea 0' Casey

e) An Old Friend Edmund See

3. Animal Farm George Orwell (20)

PAPER-II (For 4th Year)

Syllabus and Course of Reading Total Marks (100)

Time allowed 3 hours


1. Reference to the context(4 out of 6 extracts) (20)

2. William Shakespear Macbeth (20)

3. Glass Mcanagerie Jennesse William (20)

4. Poetry (40)

(two questions carrying 20 marks each)


I. John Milton

a) On his blindness

b) Paradise lost book 1 (lines 1-26)

c) Paradise lost book 1 (lines 105-124)

d) Paradise lost book Ix (lines 896-916)

II. Words Worth

a) To butterfly

b) The sun has long been set

c) Lines composed a few miles above Tintem Abbey

d) The reverie of poor Susan

e) Resolution and independence

f) Sonnet: Composed upon Westminster Abbey Sep,3,1802

g) Sonnet: London 1802

h) Ode: Intimations of immortality from

i) Recollection of early childhood

III. John Keats

a) On the grasshopper and cricket

b) Ode: Bards of passion and of Mirtn

c) Ode: To Autum

d) Sonnet: To Sleep

e) Sonnet: The Human Seasons

f) Sonnet: To Fancy

g) Meg Merrilies h) Song: in a drear-nighted December

IV. Browning

a) Meeting at Night : Parting at Morning

b) Incident of the French Camp

c) Prospice; Childe Ronald to the Dark Tower Came

d) My last Duchess

V. Robert Frost

a) Neither Out Far nor in Deep

b) Nothing Gold can Stay; Bereft

c) The Oven Bird; free at my Window

d) The Trial by Existence

e) The Span of Life f) Acquainted with the Night

g) Fire and Ice h) The Road Not Taken